Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

This year’s Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary General will aim to bring even the most experienced delegates outside of their comfort zone. The topic and background guide will remain secret until the first committee session, at which point delegates will receive a copy. Delegates should not be surprised to see that there will be many surprises.

Crisis Director

Arian Milani

Arian is a Junior from Greenwich, Connecticut, studying Political Science and History. This is his third and final time staffing WAMUNC, previously being the Crisis Director for ‘Sic Transit Imperium: The Crisis of the Third Century’ and a crisis staffer for the ‘Crusader Lords of Jerusalem’ committees. Arian is the Assistant Head Delegate for Training for GWU’s MUN Travel Team and competes frequently on the college circuit.


Amanda Saji

Hello! My name is Amanda Saji and I will be your chair for the ADHOC committee. I am a freshman studying International Affairs in the Elliott school. Even though I’m originally from Long Island, New York (aka the best state ever), being right at the heart of DC is great for the politically inclined. I started doing MUN in high school and am currently on GW’s collegiate travel team as well. Besides MUN, I am also a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and a freshman representative for the International Affairs Society! Off campus I love hanging out with my friends and I’m addicted to shopping so you can literally always find me at the mall! I'm so excited to see how this committee unfolds and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out at sajiamanda@gwu.edu!

Secretary General 


Emma Ogonoski


Director of Conference Relations

Carsyn Baxter


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