Alfonsin's Cabinet

This a committee simulating Alfonsín’s Cabinet (1983-1989) and the actions they took within this time. Alfonsin was the first president after the military government also known as the military junta or Dirty War. In 1974 Juan Perón died unexpectedly and his second wife Isabel Perón who was vice president became president. She was very overwhelmed and the country was stricken by bombing and social instability. There was also immense pressure from the established military who forced her to appoint Jorge Rafael Videla as commander-in-chief of the Argentine Army. This leads the eventual coup of Isabel and her government in 1976. This committee will simulate Alfonsin’s eight-year term and the time after the constitution is ratified and the beginning of a young democracy plagued by the past dictatorship and navigating that situation.


Natalia Madrinan

Natalia Madrinan is the Chair of the Alfonsin’s Cabinet specialized committee. Natalia is a sophomore from Minnesota majoring in political science and is and is also studying environmental studies and anthropology. She previously served as vice-chair for the Joint Session of the 91st United States Congress committee. In addition to her involvement in WAMUNC Natalia is a member of the Model UN Travel Team and the Mock Planning Committee. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, spending way too much time with her roommates, and tourists watching at the monuments. This is a huge passion project of hers and so excited to meet you all and have so much fun at WAMUNC!

Secretary General 


Emma Ogonoski


Director of Conference Relations

Carsyn Baxter


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