Arab League

The League of Arab states also known as the Arab League is a voluntarily formed regional body consisting of Arabic speaking countries spanning across the continents of Africa and Asia as well as 5 none Arabic speaking nations who act as observers. The intent of this regional body is to foster collaboration and dialogue amongst member states while also seeking to align the political and economic aims of member states. Within this committee, we will be working to resolve some of the most urgent issues affecting the Arab world today ranging from conflict to the effects of climate change.


Ethan Reich

My name is Ethan, I am a Sophomore at George Washington University. I’m studying International Affairs at the Elliot School and I hope to complete my major with a concentration focusing on the Middle East. I am really excited to chair the Arab League regional body and am looking forward to a weekend filled with fruitful and thought-provoking debate over issues that are both incredibly pressing and interesting.

Secretary General 


Emma Ogonoski


Director of Conference Relations

Carsyn Baxter


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