English Premier League, 2019-2020

The WAMUNC Premier League 2019-2020 committee is a fast paced simulation of the ongoing top-flight English soccer league. The committee will see delegates take the roles of Premier League managers and be tasked with guiding their club to success under careful stewardship. Delegates will be in charge of transfers, finances, and performances, all modeled in a computer simulation. The delegates will also have to cope with sudden rule changes, investigations, and whatever drama accompanies the beautiful game.

*Note on Position Papers: Please research and write a biography on your character focusing on their time in the Premier League. Additionally, please write a little bit about your position on Arc 1 in the background guide. Stick with the WAMUNC formatting guidelines and write around one page.


Crisis Director

Michael Rattner

Michael Rattner is a sophomore in the Elliott School of International Affairs, majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Geographic Information Systems. A San Diego native, he served as a co-chair in WAMUNC XXI in 2019. Outside of MUN, Michael enjoys hosting his weekly radio show on all things soccer, “False 9 Radio”. He is also a tour guide for The George Washington University, and enjoys video games, hikes, as well as coffee for hobbies. His preferred team is the most successful in the history of English soccer: Liverpool FC.  



Aishu Sukumaran

Aishu Sukumaran is a sophomore from Richmond, Virginia and is a student in the Elliott School of International Affairs looking to double major in International Affairs and Anthropology. She served as a vice chair for WAMUNC XXI last year. In addition to helping staff WAMUNC, Aishu is a tour guide for George Washington University's undergraduate admissions as well as a member of GW Bhangra, a competitive Indian dance team which performs around the country. Her hobbies include dancing, exploring Washington DC, and cheering on her favorite Premier League team: Manchester City FC.