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Fourth Committee: SPECPOL

Topic A:Migrant Workers

Topic B:  Multinational Corporations role in the Opioid Epidemic

SPECPOL is one of the six main committees of the UN General Assembly. It is tasked with handling a wide range of issues surrounding decolonization and politics. The first topic of this committee is migrant workers. Migrant workers serve a vital role in stimulating the economy and providing labor yet, they often suffer from extreme exploitation. For example, unsafe working conditions, income equality, and discrimination based upon gender and age. It will be the job of committee to discuss migrant worker’s rights and role in society.  The second topic is the role of MNCs in the opioid epidemic. Many people who become addicted to opioids start by being prescribed the drug legally. Critics argue that large pharmaceuticals are responsible for exacerbating the opioid crisis by encouraging doctors to provide stronger drugs to patients suffering from minor pain. Delegates will be expected to discuss the safe, and effective availability of opioids for the treatment of pain, and medications for the treatment of opioid use disorders and opioid overdose reversal at an affordable price.