In the Service of France: French Intelligence in Algeria, 1956

The year is 1954, and the death throes of the French colonial empire grip North Africa. In Algeria, unique among France’s colonies for its formal status as an integral part of the French Republic and large European settler population, the Algerian separatist group known as the FLN has declared an insurrection to restore Algeria’s sovereignty. Paris has been quick to respond, mobilizing its security apparatus against the separatists. This committee will see delegates take on the role of the French intelligence service, tasked with navigating the Algerian crisis. From the FLN, to dangerous French extremists, to the looming shadow of Cold War antagonism, Algeria has become the playground of mutually antagonistic forces, all committed to reshaping North Africa and beyond. In such a world, delegates will need every ounce of clever maneuvering and decisive operational planning to preserve the integrity of the French Republic.

Crisis Director

Max Shulklapper

Max Shulklapper is a senior majoring in International Affairs. After falling into the inescapable pit that is Model UN as a freshman, Max has spent four captivating years on GW’s collegiate MUN team, in addition to heading two previous committees at WAMUNC. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Max has left the wholesome comforts of the Midwest to instead spend his time away from DC in Taiwan and Korea, where he respectively held a summer job and spent a semester abroad. Aside from Model UN, Max spends his free time running, doing jiujitsu, and trying to convince the chair of this committee that Ratatouille is an artistic masterpiece of a film.


Esther Kim

Esther Kim is a GWU senior majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in International Politics and minoring in French and Political Science. With a MUN background from high school, she has served on the dias for WAMUNC since freshman year, and this will be her 3rd time chairing her own crisis committee. She is interested in the human rights field and interned at the International Institute of Human Rights during her semester abroad in Strasbourg, France. In her free time, Esther enjoys pulling all-nighters, preaching about how cold brew changed her life, and ranting about the existence of rats. Feel free to ask her on her opinion of European hares as well!

Secretary General 


Emma Ogonoski


Director of Conference Relations

Carsyn Baxter


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