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Emma Ogonoski

Director of Conference Relations

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Kaiserreich: The Austro-Hungarian Empire After WWI

The Weltkrieg has elevated the great Austro-Hungarian Empire to a truly resplendent level of greatness. Our territorial gains in northern Italy and security assurances in the Balkans have generated a truly robust nation. Not only this, but the economic prosperity felt after the war has given our great empire the resources it needed to rebuild after the long and bloody conflict. That said, all is not well in the Empire, after a series of terrible events, it has become necessary once again for the representatives of the Empire to come together and decide its fate. Will the Empire shatter into civil war or come out stronger than ever? That is for his Imperial Majesty's cabinet to decide.

*Background Guides are not yet available. Check back soon!

Crisis Director

Spencer Manahan

Spencer Manahan is a senior at the George Washington University studying International Affairs and concentrating in Security Policy. In his spare time, he enjoys studying history, playing video games -- mainly Hearts of Iron IV, Borderlands 2&3, and Minecraft -- and plotting his takeover of the world. He has been a member of the GWMUN team since his freshman year, served on the team’s leadership twice, and is currently the Chairman of the Mock Planning Committee. Being an absolute nerd, he has loved alternate history ever since he was a kid. He also has played hundreds of hours of Hearts of Iron’s most famous mod: Kaiserreich — the inspiration behind this committee. This man is perhaps the biggest nerd you’ll meet on conference and is very excited to be the Crisis Director for the Kaiserreich committee.