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Dune: Transition of Arrakis

Arrakis, the planet better known as ​Dune, ​is in need of a new feudal lord. Emperor Shaddam IV has made it the prerogative of this committee to determine its fate. Duke Leto Atreides has been graciously given the opportunity to make Arrakis his new fief, but only if he can deliver on the continued production of its most precious commodity. ​Dune ​is the only source of that most powerful drug in the universe, the spice melange. The geriatric spice extends life, but only if its flow is maintained. Extracting the spice is a dangerous and difficult venture, costing thousands of imperial solars but it is a worthwhile venture. Plots within plots within plots lurk around every corner, and exactly what will happen next is a question of your own cunning and will to do what others will not. How far are you willing to go in pursuit of wealth, power, and domination over the most important planet in the entire Galactic Empire? As the maxim holds: he who controls the spice controls the universe.