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Paraguayan War

The year is 1870, and the largest war ever fought in the continent of South America, the War of the Triple Alliance, has ended. Dictator Francisco Solano Lopez has recently been deposed, but Paraguay is struggling to recover from the disastrous impacts of the war. Two thirds of its pre-war population (including 90% of its men) have been killed in the war, and the state has lost vast swathes of territory to the victors of the war. Opposing nations in the war decimated the countryside, resulting in a massive loss of arable land. Due to this, famine is widespread. Meanwhile, Bolivia, across the border, has its eyes set on Paraguayan territory, putting the security of the nation into doubt. With such a power vacuum in the government, such desperate conditions within the country, and such external threats, delegates in this committee will represent members of the presidential cabinet and will have unprecedented power in determining the trajectory of the nation.