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JCC:Spies in the Sixties

From 1947- 1991 the Cold War shook the world, with competition between the United States and Soviet Union in almost every capacity, including espionage. This committee will take place during the 60’s, at the height of Cold War tensions, as a Joint Crisis Commission. Delegates will act as spies in the KGB committee and in the CIA committee working to gain incriminating information on the other side, as well as protect themselves against attacks.Each delegate will be given a character based off of a real spy from the time, but with additional backgrounds and facts we will add in! Every participant will be free to use the character description and background as they see fit in the committee and backroom, and will have an espionage skillset they will be able to use.  Delegates will work together in front room to manage breaches of information, work on reconnaissance, and assert the superiority of their nation. In backroom, loyalties will be tested, as you never know which spy is betraying their country! This will be a fast-paced crisis committee with many fun updates, and one backroom for both sides so expect lots of updates affecting each committee!