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Emma Ogonoski

Director of Conference Relations

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Reagan's DC, 1980

Let’s Establish an Establishment

The year is 1980, and Washington is in a new era! Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party are in, and with that brings a massive change to US politics. However, some things do not change, and among them are the organizations that make up Washington establishment, such as think tanks, political journals, and lobbying groups. Some of these groups view Reagan as the best thing to happen in Washington, some view him as the worst, and some just want to dominate headlines. It will be up to delegates in committee to influence what direction the wheels in Washington turn, as well as the course of world history.

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Crisis Director

Mark Thomas-Patterson

Mark is a sophomore in the Elliot School of International Affairs, where he is studying International Affairs with a concentration in International Politics. He is from perhaps the best french city in the US, St. Louis, and has a passion for history. If not chairing a MUN committee, you can probably find him reading something about the Cold War or Russia. During his time in High School, he was a recipient of the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange, and lived in Dresden, Germany for a year, where he learned how to speak German with a comical American accent.


Peter Wells

Peter is a junior at the George Washington University studying Political Science and Economics. Raised in central Massachusetts, Peter came to Washington to pursue a career in public service and government relations. On campus, he is an active member of the collegiate Model UN team, making this coming year his seventh competing in MUN. He also serves as Secretary General of the Greater Washington Conference on International Affairs (GWCIA), WAMUNC’s sister conference for middle school delegates. Off campus, he also serves in an intern position for a nonprofit focusing on gender parity in conflict resolution and development strategies. In his free time, he also curates absolute heat in Spotify playlists and is proficient in dunking on everyone in the DMV about the Patriots’ win record (3-0 in 2019 as of writing this).