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Global Health in Communism

After a geneticist’s failed experiment at the 2323 World’s Fair, the “Raven 23” pandemic is spreading like wildfire, in all places but… Russia. Elizabeth Martin, CEO of 23 and Me, had recently moved her headquarters to Moscow following tightened genetic security laws in America. She found her cure, and naturally, received powerful praise from Russia. But after her wit caught the eye of the Russian government, new genetic outbreaks mysteriously erupted in Eastern Europe. Things become political once Ukraine turns to Russia, striking a desperate deal: in return for the cure, Ukraine must join Russian rule. The historic moment is dubbed as the “Genetic Union.” With Martin’s knowledge during such a major pandemic, Russia could gain some serious influence, and summon a repeat of communist era dominance on the world. This crisis committee provides a look into genetic security laws, dynamics of corporations and government, the balance of communism vs. capitalism, and the influence of healthcare in times of crisis.