Registration FAQ


What is the new registration system for WAMUNC?

Delegation registration for WAMUNC XVIII will be via Arca, a new online portal developed exclusively for WAMUNC. Arca allows advisors to submit and manage their registrations and payment information, and transmit this information to the Secretariat. Arca allows the Secretariat to complete the assignment process in a fast, efficient, and secure manner.


Why has WAMUNC switched to digital registration?

The Arca digital registration portal will automate several key steps in the registration and assignment process. Arca’s management tools will prevent double-assignments, over or under-assignments, and assist the Secretariat in assuring that delegations receive their preferences for committees and countries. Arca will save both advisors and conference staff hundreds of man-hours and will virtually eliminate errors in the registration process.


If the registration process is now “automated,” does that mean that my delegation will receive random country or committee assignments?

No. The Secretariat will still issue country and committee assignments according to the same procedures as always.  While Arca will assist the Secretariat in the assignment process by preventing double-assignments, improper assignments, and other mistakes, the assignments themselves will be made and issued by members of the Secretariat staff. Assignments will never be made randomly or issued automatically by the system.


Is my information secure?

Information you supply to the WAMUNC Secretariat via Arca is encrypted using SSL, the same industry-standard security technologies found in e-commerce and e-government sites and services. The computers that power Arca are housed in a world-class facility that implements advanced physical and logical security protocols to ensure the safety of your information. The Secretariat does not store any confidential information pertaining to payments (such as bank account numbers, credit card information, etc) in Arca. Access to the information stored in Arca is strictly controlled by the Secretariat. Conference staff who have administrative access to Arca have access only to the minimum amount of information required to perform their functions, and all access to administration functionality is logged. Finally, the Secretariat will never share or distribute the information you supply to us without your express consent.


How do I register for Hotel Rooms?

After WAMUNC has received your payment you will be sent a link and information detailing where and how to book hotel rooms, as well as how to receive our group discount rate.


I have more questions.

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