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East Coast / West Coast Rap Beef 1996

It’s 1995. Friday just came out, Illmatic’s still getting spins, and it’s a gangster’s paradise in New York and Los Angeles. However, increasing tensions between the two leading cities of hip hop threatens to turn them both into wastelands. The feud between Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur has become a microcosm of the feud between both sides of hip-hop: the hardcore, boom-bap lyricists of New York and the smooth, boisterous gangsta-funkers of LA. Biggie and Tupac are on their own paths, but this committee will represent other rappers and industry figures trying to rep their city or see unity across the hip-hop community. They will face shady record labels, a critical media landscape, and the socioeconomic circumstances that drive gang violence in their communities. It’s time for hip-hop to come together as one tribe called… who knows, but things are going to get nasty if we don’t squash this.