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Emma Ogonoski

Director of Conference Relations

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Tesla Board of Directors

Elon Musk has acquired a reputation over the years of being unpredictable and to shoot for the stars. Tesla happens to be one of his most successful, and stable enterprises; however, this does not keep his actions and side projects from impacting the standing of the company. The board of Tesla will not only have to combat the unpredictable Elon Musk, but will also be responsible for managing the changing market, competitors, business and politics.

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Kate Strachan

Kate Strachan is the Chair of the Tesla Board of Directors Committee. Kate is a Junior in the School of Science, Engineering and Applied Science studying Biomedical engineering. Kate is from Downingtown, Pennsylvania and has participated in the WAMUNC as a delegate. Over the part two years, she has previously served as Chair of the Star Fleet Crisis Committee and as USG of Crisis committees for WAMUNC. Kate is a member of the George Washington Model UN team and has competed in Crisis committees since high school. In her free time, Kate works in a research lab, volunteers, and spends time with her friends. Kate is super excited for this WAMUNC and to see how this committee plays out!