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TikTok Board of Directors

Crisis Director: Emma Hopler, ehopler@gwu.edu

The social media app Tik Tok has taken the world by storm. From teens dancing to popular songs, to moms sharing their lunch packing skills, to political activists inspiring change, it seems nearly everyone is able to find a community on this ever growing platform. However, with such impressive growth comes serious concerns.


As Tik Tok has grown past simply being an app for sharing highly edited lip-syncing videos, it has begun to gain serious clout as a legitimate way to launch an artists music career. This has led the music industry to begin lobbing viciously against Tik Tok for infringement on licensing rights. Furthermore, the world’s more powerful tech companies are seeking to compete with the app's incredible popularity with their own apps. And perhaps most concerningly, the United States government has begun to crack down on the Chinese owned app for potential security issues. With the United States being one of Tik Tok’s largest regional user bases, a ban on the app would be detrimental to the company. All of this, coupled with the sudden and unexpected resignation of CEO Kevin Mayer, has left the social media giant unstable. Interim CEO Vanessa Pappas has called together an executive board of influential employees, investors, and advisors to try and stabilize the chaotic company. The challenges are many, but if the team can work together they just might save Tik Tok from being #canceled.