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Association of Southeast Asian Nations

The South China Sea

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is tasked with managing political, economic, and military relations throughout Southeast Asia. Their responsibility for maintaining regional security makes them essential in resolving the topic of this committee: Securing negotiated paths to peace in the South China Sea territorial dispute. The territorial disputes over the South China Sea (SCS) have evolved into a regional crisis within the past decade. Without concrete steps in negotiations it may spiral into a conflict with global ramifications. The members of ASEAN will work with the broader international community in an effort to resolve the situation. Specific themes include: China’s creation and subsequent militarization of artificial islands, the United States led Freedom of Navigation Operations (FONOPS), the economic assets of the SCS, and current international law. As of now, these factors have only served to increase tensions in the region, primarily between the United States and China as the two countries have gradually increased their regional military activity. While a peaceful resolution is the preferred outcome, maintaining a free and secure SCS is paramount to global economic and regional security. It is the goal of this committee to hold productive negotiations and determine a path towards a possible resolution to this crisis.