The Partition of British India: India and Pakistan

The Partition: India and Pakistan committee will travel back in time to 1946 and strive to decide whether India should stay unified or if it should be separated. Various states in India will strive for their independence and the ultimate challenge lies in having the delegates to serve everyone’s interests regardless of gender, ethnicity and political identities.


Drisya Antose

Drisya is a sophomore at George Washington University who is double majoring in International Affairs and Computer Science. She is interested in security policy with a focus in cyber security and cyber diplomacy.  She is an international student from India and is a professionally trained dancer who has been performing since the age of 10. Drisya is extremely passionate about South Asian geopolitics and local Indian politics making this committee and its dynamic something she really looks forward to.

Secretary General 


Emma Ogonoski


Director of Conference Relations

Carsyn Baxter


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