Third Committee: SOCHUM

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly is tasked with handling questions
concerning social, humanitarian, and human rights issues. A vast majority of the committees
work is dedicated the latter topic, as the Committee is dedicated to preserving the fundamental
freedoms of all citizens of the world. SOCHUM hosts open dialogues annually with the High
Commissioner for Human Rights and the High Commissioner for Refugees and reviews the
special procedures for the Human Rights Council. SOCHUM also considers questions
concerning the advancement of women, the protection and treatment of children, indigenous
people, and refugees, the right to self-determination, the rights of the elderly and the disabled,
criminal justice, and the international drug trade.The mandate of SOCHUM is vast, and its work is critical in promoting a more fair, just, and free world. SOCHUM works in tandem with the other committees in the GA to consider all aspects of each and every conflict, crisis, and peacebuilding task that the nations of the world present to the UN. This strategy, which provides diversified tactics for solving global issues, allows the UN to be the effective organization that it is today. SOCHUM’s perspective on human rights and social issues is an invaluable cog in this machine.

Secretary General 


Emma Ogonoski


Director of Conference Relations

Carsyn Baxter


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