Third Committee: SOCHUM

Topic A: Combatting Homelessness in LGBTQ+ communities 

Topic B: Providing Effective Healthcare for LGBTQ+ communities 


This committee will address pervasive issues that disproportionately affect LGBTQ+ communities.  The first topic will address issues within the international community that contribute to the disproportionate amount of homeless LGBTQ+ people experience. At a national level, delegates will analyze issues of housing discrimination, the rejection of LGBTQ members from high-paying and stable jobs, and the refusal of loans to LGBTQ people. Delegates should further complicate the issue of homelessness, as it relates to transnational and global contexts. In such a way, issues of asylum, migration, and displacement will also be emphasized in debate.

The second topic will address the lack of access to quality healthcare in LGBTQ+ communities. This conversation will span basic issues from the refusal of clinical services to the inadequate supply of healthcare to the transgender population. In the background guide,  delegates will be encouraged to look towards their country’s situations as well as their country’s policy. Some countries included are experiencing protracted conflicts, major economic recessions, complications with effective public health services relating to COVID-19, and we expect delegates to be able to represent and reflect on these situations when discussing this multifaceted topic. 

On that note, it is also encouraged that delegates look at issues through an intersectional lens. We would also prefer that delegates avoid semantic discussions on the legality of homosexuality, as this committee should be more concerned with protecting disadvantaged communities. 

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