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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The committee on the SDG of Education, will focus on two issues: Religious teachings in curriculum of different nations, and the Improvement of Literacy Rates amongst Multi-Linguistic Nations. As many of you know, the population is increasing exponentially in most parts of the world. China is at 1.4 billion, India at 1.3 billion and the US 330 million, and the UN wants to know how this is affecting the quality of learning. Religious teachings as a result of this population increase, are raising questions as to how it affects the youth. Some nations such as the US, have a separation of church and state, but many don’t. Many problems will arise under population increases and it is our job as a committee to address those head on. The youth in India in the more wealthy areas are surpassing the poor because of the quality, but in areas of famine and population rise, the children are suffering in regards to education. This also relates to the second topic of Literacy Rates of Multi-Linguistic nations. The larger the population the more diverse a nation gets. As this happens we must recognize how much the curriculum isn’t suited for this, and students of a different spoken language struggle immensely. Many governments fail to acknowledge that curriculum is blatantly biased against multi-linguistic nations. How can we fix this? This committee will hit on the large question of "Can this SDG be reached by the UN goal of 2035?" I will work to create a background guide with comprehensive information that delegates can use to guide their research, and ensure that the guiding questions push them in the correct direction and mindset.