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United States Consitutional Convention

The State of the Union is dire. Americans are sick and tired of the endless gridlock in congress, of disastrous military adventures, and of an economy that seems increasingly stacked against the little guy. Following the chaos of the Trump administration and the mediocrity of the Biden administration, it is clear the current political system cannot deliver the change Americans crave. As increasingly radical factions on the left and right seek to reshape the country through increasingly violent tactics, the establishment's hand is forced: a constitutional convention is called in a last-ditch effort to preserve the union. Delegates from the fifty states are assembled in Philadelphia to draft a new covenant between the people and their government. In attendance are establishment politicians, wealthy CEOs, celebrities, activists, and everyday people. Whose vision for a new American Constitution will prevail? Will it be radical enough to address the ills of our beleaguered nation, will enough compromises be cut to keep everyone together? Will we truly create a government by and for the people or will it continue to cater to a select few? Only time will tell what this convention creates.