War and Peace

“Bunoparte has burnt his boats, and I believe we are ready to burn ours...”

The Kingdom of Italy has fallen to the French. The Pope has personally submitted himself and the crown of France to a general who had risen through the ranks of the French military. The French military: a formidable, foreboding, and bone chilling maelstrom poised to invade England (with Austria and Russia not far behind) with a combined fleet of Spanish and French vessels larger than that of the British navy and an army of three-hundred and fifty-thousand disciplined soldiers—something not seen in the western hemisphere since the height of the Roman Empire over one-thousand years prior.

And in the middle of all this chaos, this revolution, the destruction of European society and the emergence of a leader so terrifyingly effective, a general so masterfully ruthless, and an empire so poised to instill universal control—in the midst of all of this, deep in Russia, deep in the sparkling St. Petersburg and robust Moscow rests five ancient families, each made up of a diverse set of nobles with a diverse set of skills. Each has the potential for greatness, each has the possibility of catastrophe, but everyone must do something, lest this antichrist advance an inch further towards Russia’s failure!

Crisis Director

Christopher Surridge

Christopher Surridge is a junior at the George Washington University studying history. His main areas of focus cover topics relating to the Roman Republic, the Roman Empire, the Ancient Régime, and Europe from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-nineteenth century as well as military history in general.

The book of ​War & Peace​ has always fascinated Christopher every since first reading it in high school (which was the first of six different times through the novel, though, by the time of conference, it should be seven times) and is accompanied by a love for the Russian state under Tsar Alexander I, General Bonaparte (or Emperor, depending on where you stand), and the state of Europe during one of the most tumultuous periods of its existence.

In addition to Model UN, Christopher works for the Kennedy Center, studied abroad in France, is an avid old movie and television show junkie, can sing a few songs in French, Italian, and Japanese, loves to ballroom dance, loves to ride horses, loves to read poetry, and loves to sit at home and do absolutely nothing.


Kyle Nichols

Hello, I'm Kyle Nichols and I am going to be the Chair for the War and Peace Committee and WAMUNC this year! I'm working alongside one of my best friends and we are so excited to show off a marvel of literature to the wonderful delegates who will be joining us! A little about me, I'm a Junior at GW pursuing two bachelors degrees in History and in International Affairs. I also happen to be the Head Delegate of the GWU Model UN Travel Team! I love Russian literature, and cannot wait to see you all in the Spring!

Secretary General 


Emma Ogonoski


Director of Conference Relations

Carsyn Baxter


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