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War and Peace

“Russia alone must save Europe...”

Europe, 1805: the Kingdom of Italy has fallen and Pope Pius VII has pledged himself and the crown of France to a general—one born to nothing, who now occupies the throne of Emperor: Napoléon. His military: a formidable, foreboding, maelstrom poised to invade England with Austria and Russia not far behind. With a combined fleet of Spanish and French vessels larger than that of the Royal Navy and an army of three-hundred and fifty-thousand soldiers—larger than the Roman Empire’s, faster than the Ottoman’s, and more devastating than any force in history. Yet, in the middle of all this chaos, this upheaval, this destruction of European society and the emergence of a leader so terrifyingly effective, a general so masterfully ruthless, and an Emperor so poised to achieve universal control—in the midst of all of this, deep in Russia, in the sparkling St. Petersburg and the robust Moscow, lives five ancient families, each made up of a diverse set of nobles with much to offer and much to achieve. Each has the potential for greatness or for failure, but someone must do something, lest this antichrist advance an inch further towards our Russia and our home!