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Operation Condor

The world is shivering. The Cold War has led the U.S. and Russia to turn other regions into their battlefields, and one particularly exploited region is that of Latin America. Delegates in this committee will represent various organizers and instigators of Operation Condor, a series of U.S. sanctioned operations to influence Latin American governments and overthrow those sympathetic to Russia- or worse, communism. Your mission? The United States’ ultimate victory over Russian influence, resulting in a steady influx of capital and unprecedented regional influence in the Western Hemisphere. These operations involved espionage, cover-ups, military coups, mass disappearances, and more than a little anti-democratic behavior. As such, it’s up to you to act secretly and wisely to ensure the U.S. succeeds… or put an end to its imperialist empire. How? More covert ops. Which poison will you pick?