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Since June, the Secretariat has been working closely with the University monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic in the D.C. area and across the country. As we have observed the situation, we have determined that it is important to take steps that protect everyone's health. With guidance from the school, we have decided that WAMUNC XXIII will be conducted virtually, March 4th to March 7th 2021.

WAMUNC is committed to keeping a high standard of excellence in this conference and this year will be no exception. While we are still navigating how to prepare the best conference and experience possible for your delegates, we want to invite you to be a apart of this new chapter for WAMUNC, and to keep your students engaged in the world of Model UN and international affairs even though we cannot physically be together.

Frequently Asked Questions 

This page will be continually updated to reflect the most recent questions and answers.

Last updated: January 18th, 2021

How will registration work?

Registration will be the same as years prior. It can be found under the Registration tab at the top of the page when registration opens. Once you have completed the registration process, our Director of Conference Relations will reach out to you for payment. Lastly, we will send each school their assignments after we have received payment.

What platform will be used to conduct the conference?

Currently, we are planning on using Zoom for the entirety of the conference operations. We are working with the GW Model UN team to find the best and most effective uses of the platform for the delegates. 

Will the price of registration remain the same?

The price of registration will drop this year due to the virtual aspect of the conference. In addition, we will be waiving the advisor and school fees this year. The only fees that will need to be paid are the delegate fees. The prices and dates of registration can be found under the Registration Information page

Will students need to miss class for the conference?

Hopefully not. While no schedule has been accepted yet, we have the wishes of both students and advisors in mind. Our thinking is to hosting the conference in the evenings on Thursday and Friday, as to best accommodate the needs of all. Saturday will be a full day of committee and Sunday will wrap up committees and hold closing ceremonies.

Can I register as an individual delegate?

Yes. Any student may register for WAMUNC individually by filling out the Registration form. Our Director of Conference Relations will reach out after you submit the form for payment and committee assignments.

Do I still have to write a position paper?

Yes. Students are required to write a position paper for WAMUNC. The position paper should be in 12pt Times New Roman and 1 page single spaced per topic (there are a few committees that have two topics and two papers are needed for these). Position papers are due on March 3rd, 2021 at 11:59 pm. They should be emailed to wamuncoperations@gmail.com and titled “Committeename_lastname_nameofhighschool".

If you have any other questions, please email wamuncdcr@gmail.com