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Meet the Secretariat

Will Liscomb

Secretary General

Will Liscomb is the Secretary General for WAMUNC XXIII. In WAMUNC XX, he served as a vice chair for the World Health Organization and the following year he was the Under Secretary General of Historical and Specialized committees. Will is a senior in the Elliott School of International Affairs majoring in International Affairs with minors in Geography and Public Health.


Aside from WAMUNC, Will is on the GW Model UN Travel Team as well as on GW’s Club Lacrosse team. Will is from Woodstock, CT and loves to hang out with his friends when at home. Outside of school, Will can be found binge watching Netflix shows like The Office or Parks and Rec, watching college lax, or playing videos games. He is looking forward to an amazing WAMUNC XXIII.

Carsyn Baxter

Executive Director

Carsyn Baxter is a sophomore in the Elliott School of International Affairs with a concentration in International Development and a Minor in Sustainability. WAMUNC is what initially drew her to GW in 2016, and was a major factor in her decision to eventually attend the school. After serving as Director of Conference Relations for the 2019-2020 school year, she was thrilled to be selected to serve as Executive Director for 2020-2021 in order to make WAMUNC a memorable and impactful experience like she was given in high school. On campus, she is a member of the IAS and works as an Administrative Assistant in the Elliott School Graduate Admissions Office. She hopes to serve in the Peace Corps after undergrad and to work on sustainable development and foreign policy. In her free time, she enjoys walking around DC and trying to find the best coffee shops that the city has to offer!

Sebastián Cardona-Negrón

Chief of Staff

Sebastián Cardona-Negrón is the Chief of Staff for WAMUNC XXIII. In WAMUNC XXI, Sebastián served as Chair for the Court of Mary, Queen of Scotts committee. He is a junior in the Milken Institute School of Public Health majoring in Public Health through a Pre-Med track.


Sebastián was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he lived until he moved to Washington, DC to begin his college education at the George Washington University. He has been involved in MUN since the seventh grade and is very passionate about it. Outside of MUN and school, Sebastián is known for working as a research assistant, taking daily naps, and absolutely loving Game of Thrones. He is ready and excited for WAMUNC XXIII!

Mitali Thepade

Director of Finance

Mitali Thepade is the Director of Finance for WAMUNC XXIII. She is a sophomore in the GW School of Business majoring in International Business and Innovation & Entrepreneurship with a minor in Psychology. 

Mitali also serves as an Assistant Head Delegate for the GW Model United Nations team and as a member of the Secretariat for GWCIA. She enjoys all things related to Model United Nations and has been participating in conferences since her freshman year of high school. Mitali comes from Pune , India and enjoys boxing and photography. She looks forward to making sure that WAMUNC XXIII is a fun and memorable experience for the delegates. 

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Olivia Dul

Director of Public Relations

Olivia Dul is the Director of Public Relations for WAMUNC XXIII. She is a sophomore in the School of Media and Public Affairs studying Political Communication. This is her first year working with WAMUNC and she is looking forward to an amazing conference!


Outside of WAMUNC, Olivia is a reporter for GWeek on GW’s television station, GWTV. She also hosts her own radio show called “Life in a Week” on GW’s radio station, WRGW. In her spare time, Olivia loves to find new coffee shops and bookstores in DC as well as in New Jersey, where she originally comes from.

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Jack Wild

Director of Safety and Security

Jack Wild is the Director of Security for WAMUNC XXII. He previously served as Vice Chair for the Joint Session of the 91st United States Congress committee. Jack is a Sophomore from New York City studying Political Science and International Affairs.

In addition to WAMUNC, Jack is the Internship Coordinator for the Manhattan Borough President’s Office in New York. In his free time, he enjoys exploring DC’s incredible restaurants, traveling, and walking his dog, Kona. Jack is excited for an amazing WAMUNC XXII.

Amanda Saji

Director of Programming

Hello! My name is Amanda Saji and I will be your Director of Programming for WAMUNC this year! I am a sophomore studying International Affairs and concentrating in Security Policy at the Elliott school. Even though I’m originally from Long Island, New York (aka the best state ever), being right at the heart of DC is great for the politically inclined. I started doing MUN in high school and am currently on GW’s collegiate travel team as well. Besides MUN, I am also a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and work as well! Off campus I love hanging out with my friends, going to the city, and I’m addicted to shopping so you can literally always find me at the mall (well online shopping now)! I'm so excited to see how this WAMUNC unfolds this year and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out at sajiamanda@gwu.edu!

Isha Gupta

Director of Conference Relations

y name is Isha Gupta, and I am the Director of Community Relations. I'm a freshman from Northville, Michigan, and I'm majoring in International Affairs with an intended concentration in International Politics. In my free time, I love traveling, watching sports, spending time with my dog, and I'm a huge University of Michigan fan!


Natalia Feinberg

USG for International Bodies

Natalia Feinberg is a sophomore in the Elliott School of International Affairs concentrating in International Development and a minoring in Political Science. She is the International Bodies Under Secretary General. She was also the USG for historical bodies at this year’s GWCIA. Natalia joined the Model UN team her freshman year. She has attended numerous conferences and was a general staffer for last year’s GWCIA. She is looking forward to working with her chairs to create an amazing conference. A fun fact about her is that she speaks Russian, Belarusian, and French.

Avantika Ramanathan

USG for Regional Bodies & Councils

Avantika Ramanathan is the Under Secretary General for Regional Bodies and Councils for WAMUNC XXIII. She is a sophomore in the Elliott School of International Affairs pursuing a major in International Affairs and a minor in Organizational Sciences. At GWCIA, she has previously served as a vice chair for the First Wizarding War: Order of the Phoenix committee.


In addition to WAMUNC, Avantika first joined Model UN in high school and is currently a part of the GW Model UN Travel Team. She is also a part of the Elliott School international affairs honor society, Sigma Iota Rho. In her free time, Avantika loves traveling, watching stand-up comedy specials, and reminiscing about live concerts. She's looking forward to an exciting and unique WAMUNC XXIII!

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Gabriel Bras-Nevares

USG for Historical and Specialized Bodies

Gabriel Bras-Nevares is the USG for Historical and Specialized Committees for WAMUNC XXIII. He previously served on WAMUNC XXI´s staff as Crisis Staffer for the Ad-Hoc Committee. Gabriel is a junior in the School of Media and Public Affairs studying Journalism and Mass Communication, with a potential double major in Spanish and a minor in Film Studies.


Gabriel hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he competed for three years on his high school circuit. He is currently an active member of GW´s collegiate MUN travel team in addition to being an Opinions writer for GW´s newspaper, the GW Hatchet. Gabriel is an avid film and music fanatic as well as a passionate literature geek. On campus, Gabriel enjoys hanging out with his friends, writing, biking on his usual route around the National Mall, and making his love for his island home abundantly clear through political rants and loud Bad Bunny songs blasting from his phone in the background. Gabriel is super excited to meet all our delegates and make WAMUNC XXIII unforgettable for all!

Emma Starink

USG of Crisis Committees

Emma Starink is a junior in the Elliott School of International Affairs, majoring in International Affairs with concentrations in International Development and Security Policy, and minoring in Biology. She is the Under-Secretary General for Crisis Committees this year, and is looking forward to working with the crisis staffers and delegates at WAMUNC 2021. In the past, she was a crisis staffer for the ad hoc committee at WAMUNC 2019, and the Under-Secretary General for International Bodies at GWCIA 2019. She is a member of the competitive Model UN team at GWU, and has competed in five collegiate conferences.