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Meet the Secretariat


Carsyn Baxter
Secretary General

Carsyn Baxter is a senior in the Elliott School of International Affairs with a concentration in International Development and a Minor in Sustainability. WAMUNC is what initially drew her to GW in 2016, and was a major factor in her decision to eventually attend the school. After serving as Director of Conference Relations for the 2019-2020 school year, and Executive Director for the 2020-201 school year, she was thrilled to be selected to serve as Secretary-General in order to make WAMUNC a memorable and impactful experience like she was given in high school. On-campus, she is a member of the IAS, writes blogs for The Women's Network, and works as an Administrative Assistant in the Elliott School Graduate Admissions Office. This summer, she worked as an intern at the Center for Biological Diversity writing model policy to include gender empowerment in climate action plans. She hopes to pursue her M.A. in International Development Studies after undergrad and to work on sustainable development and foreign policy. In her free time, she enjoys walking around DC and trying to find the best coffee shops that the city has to offer!

Isha Gupta
Executive Director

Isha is the Executive Director for WAMUNC XXIV. She is a sophomore majoring in International Affairs and double concentrating in international politics and economics. She was involved in Model UN throughout middle school and high school. Last year, she served as the Director of Conference Relations for WAMUNC XXIII. At GW, Isha is also a part of the club ultimate team and runs a non-profit organization. In her free time, Isha enjoys watching sports, hanging out with friends, or spending time outside. She is excited to work with secretariat, see the innovative solutions that delegates create, and make WAMUNC XXIV a great experience!

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Gabriel Bras-Nevares
Chief of Staff

Gabriel Bras Nevares is a senior studying Journalism and Mass Communication and will serve as your Chief of Staff for WAMUNC XXIV! Academically, he is very interested in the intersection between journalism and art media (movies, music, television, books, etc.) and Latin American issues. He is proudly from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he found his love for Model UN on the Puerto Rican circuit as a sophomore. Since then, he has gone on to regularly compete on the collegiate circuit as part of GW's travel MUN team and even served as Head of Training for the team last year, fulfilling a passion for teaching the next generation of MUN students, veterans or otherwise, that carries over into his incredible excitement for this year's WAMUNC and his dedication to providing an engaging, open, and fun conference experience! Gabriel is an avid music listener (favorites include Tyler the Creator, Death Grips, and of course Bad Bunny), spends his spare time grinding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee, and would be more than happy to rant about the old Star Wars movies being better than the new ones to anyone who would listen!

Thomas Carrigan
Director of Finance

Thomas was born in Manchester, New Hampshire but has lived in 5 states. His family currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. He now attends the George Washington University where he studies international affairs with a concentration in international economics and a minor in French language, literature, and culture. In addition to studying at GW, Thomas interns on Capitol Hill for a representative and is a member of many organizations on campus. Thomas is looking forward to WAMUNC XXIV and serving as the Director of Finance for the conference.

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Sarah Gechter
Director of Public Relations

Sarah Gechter, serving as the Director of Public Relations for WAMUNC XXIV, is a sophomore studying International Affairs at the Elliott School. While this is Sarah's second WAMUNC (she served as a Crisis Director last year), she has been heavily invested in Model UN since Freshman year of high school. Outside of Model UN, Sarah enjoys long walks, baking, and listening to music. She's excited to utilize WAMUNC's expanded social media presence to ensure that every delegate feels welcome, and can't wait to facilitate positive online interactions!

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Ignacio Gomez
Director of Safety and Security

Ignacio Gomez is majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in Comparative Political, Economic, and Social Systems. He is the Director of Safety and Security for WAMUNC XXIV. Ignacio started participating in MUN his first year in college, about a year ago, so he can relate to how new MUN delegates may feel. Outside of Model UN, Ignacio participates in TEDxFoggyBottom, International Affairs Society, Alexander Hamilton Society, and Pre-law Student Association.

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Sara Awad
Director of Conference Relations

As the Director of Conference, Sara Awad is the point of contact and the face of WAMUNC for all delegation faculty advisors. She is majoring in International Affairs at the Elliott School in George Washington University. Additionally, Sara enjoys staying informed on current news and policy decisions occurring globally. Having experienced being involved in a Model UN Secretariat, Sara is excited to do so in a collegiate environment through WAMUNC. She is excited to provide an engaging platform where students can gather research to essentially resolve pressing issues in today’s era through policymaking at WAMUNC.

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Shivane Adnand
USG for International Bodies

Shivane is a second-year student at George Washington University studying international affairs with possibly a minor in Spanish. He is the USG for International Bodies at this year's WAMUNC. GW has given him ample opportunities to meet new people and put his major into action. Shivane is excited to be a part of WAMUNC because he attended it in HS and it benefitted him greatly. He would love to see all new faces of MUN and collaboration in tough times.

Sophie Rosenthal
USG for Regional Bodies & Councils

Sophie is a sophomore studying international affairs at GW. She is originally from Massachusetts but went to high school in Dubai, where she discovered Model UN and became interested in international politics. This year, she is the USG of Regional and Historical Councils for WAMUNC, which she is excited to do because she chaired her first committee for WAMUNC and wanted to expand her knowledge and responsibilities for this conference.

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Daniel Galgano
USG for Historical and Specialized Bodies

Daniel is a sophomore at GW studying International Affairs, with a regional concentration in Europe and Eurasia, and Journalism and Mass Communications. He is very excited to be your USG for Historic and Specialised Committees and see how delegates engage with this year's unique and compelling committee topics! Historic and specialised committees give delegates a singular opportunity to research and discuss different topics that apply to real-world topics and historical events that they would otherwise not study in class or consider at length. His advice to incoming delegates is, "Don't let the opportunity to dive into the background of our past and apply it to the modern world today go to waste—Enjoy your time preparing for the committee, get involved on the committee floor, and have fun!"

Kevin Zhang
USG of Crisis Committees

Kevin is a sophomore studying International Affairs. He is sure about what he wants to do, as evidenced by his incessant desire to change his minor/double major. In addition to WAMUNC, he also competes for GW's MUN team and writes for the university's Pre-Law Student Association. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, as well as reading news, philosophy, and theology. Kevin is excited to be the Under Secretary-General for Crisis at WAMUNC, and is looking forward to the creative and outlandish ideas that emerge out of committees!

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