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This page will be continually updated to reflect the most recent questions and answers.

Last updated: October 9th, 2023

How will registration work?

Registration will be the same as the years prior. It can be found under the Registration tab at the top of the page when registration opens in mid-October. Once you register, you will receive an invoice for payment. After you complete payment, you will be eligible to receive committee assignments. 

Will students need to miss class for the conference?

We will be hosting the conference in the evenings on Thursday and Friday, as to best accommodate the needs of all. Saturday will be a full day of committee and Sunday will wrap up committees and hold closing ceremonies.

How/who should I contact if I need help?

If any questions arise, delegates are welcome to email their chairs, but please CC advisors on all communication. In the event that a chair cannot help with your question, please contact Secretariat, whose emails can be found on the Secretariat page. 

Where will the conference be held?

Committee sessions will be held on the George Washington University campus. Detailed locations of the committees will be available in a conference handbook provided closer to the conference. 

Can I register as an individual delegate?

Yes. Any student may register for WAMUNC individually by filling out the Registration form

Do I still have to write a position paper?

No. Students are not required to write a position paper for WAMUNC. However, should advisors wish for their delegates to do so, the position paper should be in 12pt Times New Roman and 1 page single-spaced per topic (there are a few committees that have two topics and two papers are needed for these). They should be emailed to the chair of the committee whose email is on the background guide as well as on the Background Guide section of our website. Also should also be cc-ed to that email. The title and subject name should “Committeename_lastname_nameofhighschool".

Where should I park once I get to GW?

Information surrounding visitor parking can be found here.

What about lodging?

WAMUNC XXV will occur on the George Washington University campus opposed to a hotel. That being said, we are actively looking into obtaining a discount code at surrounding hotels such that delegations may use that if seeking to lodge at a hotel for the duration of conference. Any discount information will be available on our website. Additionally, the recommended hotels will be within walking distance of the George Washington University.

If you have any other questions, please email

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