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The Hotel


Yours Truly DC

Welcome to your new and beautiful home for WAMUNC XXV, Yours Truly! All of our committee simulations and conference activities will be held on the GWU campus, but Yours Truly is less than a half mile (roughly a 10 minute walk). Yours Truly is located in downtown D.C., just a short commute to many District attractions. Their website can be found here.


Please use this link to receive the discounted booking rate.* Note that the site says IAS because WAMUNC is a subsidiary organization of the International Affairs Society of GWU.

Please wait to book rooms until after your delegation payment has been received by WAMUNC.

For any additional questions about lodging through Yours Truly, please contact their senior sales member Justin Rosales at



1143 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC 20037

*Please note that the hotel does not accept tax exceptions from schools outside Washington D.C.


Alternative Lodging Options

In the event that the conference hotel is filled, or for some other reason does not work for your delegation, we have compiled a list of potential lodging options in the area, which you can find by clicking here.

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