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Association of Southeast Asian Nations

As articulated in its charter, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has maintained a steadfast commitment to promoting diplomacy, peace, and stability in the Southeast Asian region. In the complex landscape of the 21st century, Southeast Asia contends with a range of pressing security challenges, encompassing maritime disputes, terrorism, piracy, and transnational crime. These challenges are not merely regional concerns; they have the potential to impact global security and stability.


Delegates participating in the 31st ASEAN Regional Forum are tasked with the formidable responsibility of formulating holistic and efficacious solutions to address two paramount issues: the South China Sea dispute, a matter of geopolitical significance with global implications, and the imperative to counter terrorism in Southeast Asia, where international cooperation is vital to combatting radicalization and violent extremism. Their deliberations and decisions will contribute not only to the region's peace and stability but also to the broader global security landscape.

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