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Welcome to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Committee for WAMUNC XXVI. As a part of the ECOSOC committee you will discuss international economic and social issues, and you, along with many other nations, will formulate a resolution to help solve the issue at hand. This year, we will delve into the world of news and media spread. More specifically we will take a look into how censorship has played a role in how media and news spreads and come to a consensus on where the limitation of media and news should be drawn.

Alongside this, we'll also focus our attention on an equally critical concern - the youth education curriculum. Should there be a standard? Should that be left up to individual nations? One thing is for sure, we need to assure that all youth receive proper education. Join us to be a part of the solution, as we work together to help educate our youth and maintain a free and fair media/news.

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