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United Nation Environmental Program

Topic A: Disaster Risk Reduction To create a sustainable future, it is imperative to acknowledge and prepare for potential environmental disasters. Creating social and industrial infrastructure that allows countries, regions, and the larger international community to prepare for unimaginable circumstances is necessary for survival. Making building codes more compliant with natural disaster safety measures, instilling infrastructure that protects victims of natural disasters, adapting natural resource management, and controlling for factors that make some groups more susceptible to environmental harm than others are all notable recommendations for this topic. Channel your inner doomsday prepper and consider all possibilities when it comes to risk reduction.


Topic B: Disaster Relief and Recovery What can we do when the unimaginable happens? It is impossible to prepare for every unexpected calamity the international world may face, making it imperative to provide sanctuary and relief for those who fall victim to environmental disasters. Providing resources to victims of environmental emergencies, revising international laws to protect climate refugees, supporting policies that help immigrants forced to find a new home, and funding rehabilitation efforts for wrecked communities are all recommendations for this topic. Remember the human impact of natural disasters, using empathy to create policies that could help real people, families, and communities struggling with the weight of tragedy.

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