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Registration Information

Due to the uncertainty that comes with COVID-19, WAMUNC has decided to eliminate late registration. In addition, we have also eliminated advisor fees, so the only payment necessary will be the delegate fee. Registration will occur in two phases: early and regular registration. Below are the fees for each respective registration period:

Early Registration: November 1st - January 10th

  • Delegate Fee (per delegate): $25.00


Regular Registration: January 11th - March 18th

  • Delegate Fee (per delegate): $30.00


Delegation Fee

  • Per Delegation: $10.00​​

Registration will occur on our website, which will prompt users to fill in information about their delegation.

For questions regarding registration, please contact wamuncdcr@gmail.com.

*Please note: WAMUNC does not offer refunds. WAMUNC must also receive payments via credit card or Venmo by the deadlines above in order to honor each registration level’s status and pricing.